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What is IPTV? How to use it and the devices that have a detailed explanation

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What is IPTV? How to use it and the devices that have a detailed explanation

How does it work and what are its types?

What distinguishes IPTV from regular TV broadcasting , over the Internet and satellite broadcasting?

All questions posed by those who heard this technique for the first time, so we will seek in this article to answer these questions, and to acquaint our readers with this system and the way it works.

What is IPTV?

IPTV, or IPTV is a modern digital IPTV technology using IP.

It is called Internet Protocol Television.

The system has evolved significantly, especially with the digital revolution known in the world, where it began to crawl the traditional television broadcasting, and takes place because of the proliferation of computers and phones and smart panels, which enables watching the channels or video wherever the person.

The idea can be simplified in that the IPTV system allows the viewing of encrypted and unencrypted television channels, programs and movies, without the need for a satellite dish or satellite or pay TV cable, but rather to view them by bringing voice and image over the Internet directly from the service provider to the user , Which watches its favorite channels from anywhere in the world and through various devices such as computer, smartphone, electronic panels, smart TV, and even regular TVs, with the availability of receivers capable of receiving the Internet and decode the IPTV.

IPTV types

Type 1 Video on Demand is a video-on-demand (VOD) service that allows you to watch programs and movies by choosing from a huge inventory offered by the network concerned. You can provide services through a monthly subscription, sometimes free of charge. .

The second type is the time-shifted IPTV: it is provided by some of the known television channels such as the BBC and MBC Saudi Arabia, where they show their video players or applications and even on the normal Internet browsers after a certain period of broadcasting through Satellite, the service provided by Shahad.com from the MBC channels.

Type 3 live IPTV or IP simulcasting: Direct IPTV streaming, where direct transmission is routed to TV channels while viewed via satellite.

What distinguishes IPTV from regular satellite TV and satellite broadcasting?
A . With IPTV technology, you can watch your favorite channels on all devices, from smart TV to mobile, tablet, computer, etc.

B . IPTV has the ability to set the time of viewing the programs, as you will not be restricted to the time of live broadcast, you can program your device to record any program and watch later.

T . The IPTV system enables you to watch channels with multiple HD, SD and 4K formats.

W. With IPTV, the service provider broadcasts to the service providers only. This is not a public broadcast, which allows the provision of bandwidth. It uses a private and protected network that connects the user with a user name and password, unlike internet TV, which is transmitted over the public network.

C. IPTV provides great interactive capabilities, where users can view technical information about programs, comment or make certain requests, especially in the case of VOD, a video-on-demand service.

How to operate channels through server IPTV on various devices?

To run IPTV on Smart TV, we only need an iptv file in m3u format or an iptv link that we get from your service provider or through free offers and the application of running these files, the most famous of which is siptv and ssiptv. We upload the m3u file to the application site using MAC address MAC address for our device, and you can find the detailed information and a full explanation and detailed in the section of Smart TV in this site how to do this.

Or through our website which offers great free links and iptv files

For iPhones and iPhones, iptv is easier to use, with hundreds of free and paid applications connected to the iTV server, which can be downloaded to watch favorite channels. Another way is to download video drivers such as vlc, kodi, Which are running m3u files, which are the same programs that can be watched on the computer. The channels can be viewed on the old TV using a receiver without an Internet-connected dish capable of writing the IPTV code, and you can see all the ways in detail on this site.

The operation of IPTV channels requires Internet speed of 2MB or above.

The higher the speed of the Internet, the more efficient the server and the speed and non-cutting, as this technique is often used broadband Internet lines.

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